Golf Courses

San Francisco is home to some of the most scenic golf courses in the country, providing golf enthusiasts with multiple options to enjoy a day on the greens. These courses boast well-maintained fairways and challenging layouts that cater to both beginners and seasoned players. With stunning views of the cityscape and bay, playing golf in San Francisco is as visually rewarding as it is recreational. Whether you're looking to improve your game or simply spend a relaxing day outdoors, San Francisco's golf courses are an excellent choice.

Lincoln Park Golf Course: Historic Golfing with a View

Learn why Lincoln Park Golf Course is a top pick for its history, views, and challenging layout in San Francisco.
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Major PGA Events and Golfing at TPC Harding Park

Learn about TPC Harding Park, San Francisco's premier public golf course with a rich PGA heritage.
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Enjoy Historic Presidio Golf Course: San Francisco’s Oldest

Learn about Presidio Golf Course, San Francisco's oldest, featuring stunning views and a rich history.
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Golden Gate Park Golf Course: Renovations and Community Impact

Learn about Golden Gate Park Golf Course, a scenic par-3 hub for golfers all levels since 1951.
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San Francisco Golf Club: A Historic 1895 Golf Institution

Learn about the historic San Francisco Golf Club, an elite 1895 venue pivotal in shaping local golf culture.
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