San Francisco is a prime location for biking enthusiasts, with its scenic routes and well-maintained bike paths. The city's iconic hills provide a unique challenge, while flatter areas like the Embarcadero and Golden Gate Park allow for more relaxed rides. Biking in San Francisco also allows for stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay, making it a favorite activity for both locals and visitors. Safety measures and bike-friendly laws are in place to ensure a smooth experience for cyclists.

Paradise Loop: A 38-Mile Cycling Route in Marin County

Cycle San Francisco's Paradise Loop, a scenic 38-mile journey blending urban and natural landscapes.
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Mount Tamalpais Old Railroad Grade: Historic Trail Activities

Relive history on Mount Tamalpais Old Railroad Grade, a trail loved by hikers and cyclists alike.
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Bikeshare SF: Enhancing Urban Mobility in San Francisco

Bikeshare SF enhances urban mobility, offering eco-friendly transport and unique city insights.
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Tour the Angel Island Perimeter Loop: Scenic Views & History

Tour Angel Island Perimeter Loop: a 5.5-mile trail with historic sites and stunning Bay views.
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Enjoy Scenic Rides on the Great Highway Bike Path

Ride or stroll along The Great Highway Bike Path for scenic ocean views and access to SF's top spots.
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